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Welcome to Sport & Spa Hotel Vesileppis

Enjoy your stay

Overnight stay at Vesileppis includes breakfast and unlimited use of spa and gym. They have wide range of spacious rooms, two comfortable villas for 8-10 people right behind the hotel and two more luxurious and private villas with lakeshore views for 8-10 people 8 km away from the hotel's hustle and bustle.

Our airy 450 m2  dancefloor will be built on Vesileppis Arena.  Pre and afterparties will be in the beautiful mirror room.


All bookings goes through the Vesileppis. REMEMBER TO USE CODE: ALLSWING220224. You can also do booking by e-mailing them: or calling: +358291700170. If you have any questions regarding your stay at Vesileppis, your best bet is to contact the hotel directly. If there are any issues with the booking code however, feel free to inbox us and we'll obviously help you out to the best of our abilities.


Early Bird DISCOUNT -10% if you book by 31.10.2023

Use booking code: ALLSWING220224




1 night

* Starting from 84 €/per person for 1 night in shared twin room
  *   Starting from 114 €/per person for 1
 night in single room.


2 nights

* Starting from 148 €/per person for 2 nights in shared twin room
  *   Starting from 208 €/per person for 2
 nights in single room.


3 nights

   * Starting from 192 €/per person for 3 nights in shared twin room
  *  Starting from 282 €/per person for 3
 nights in single room.


4 nights

* Starting from  256 €/per person for 4 nights in shared twin room. 
  *   Starting from 376 €/per person for
4 nights in single room.

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Full board meal package 28 € per person/per day if booked in advance. 31,50 € per person/per day if you buy in the spot. You can do meal booking at the same time when you book accomodation or add it to your booking before the event.

Includes lunch and dinner. Lunch is lighter salad and soup lunch. Dinner is versatile buffet table.  No early bird discount.

Venue restaurant also offers a la carte. 

How to get there

Here you can find public transportation options to get to Vesileppis. Don't hesitate to ask if you need any advice.


Easiest way to get to Vesileppis is to take Onnibus. It stops about 1,5 km away from Vesileppis.


Varkaus trainstation is 24 km away from Vesileppis. There you can take a taxi with your friends or we can try to help you with transportation.


Nearest airport is Kuopio airport. Kuopio airport is 70km from Vesileppis. If you choose this option, we might be able to arrange some decent price transportation. Send message to From Helsinki airport you can take a train to Varkaus trainstation.

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