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Ice Blocks

Moomin Cave

Origins of the exhibit

You believe it’s cold, but if you build yourself a snowhouse it’s warm. You think it’s white, but at times it looks pink, and another time it’s blue. It can be softer than anything, and then again harder than stone. Nothing is certain.

- Too-ticky ponders snow, Moominland Midwinter


Favorite scenes from Tove Jansson's original stories

The new season of the popular Moomin Ice Cave started on 1st April 2023. Moomin Ice Cave has once again been built inside the Vesileppis skiing arena, which is located 30 meters underground inside a mined stone cave. The exhibition features Moomin ice sculptures and various winter activities, for example a snowslide, sleigh carousel and a snow tube track. 

The theme of the summer season of 2023 is the favorite scenes from Tove Jansson's original comics. The scenes from the story Moomin Valley Turns Jungle (Tove 1956) have the major role in the exhibition. At the exhibition you can find carnivorous plants, jungle wildlife and the Hobgoblin. How many charaters from the Moomin stories can you find?

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