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Jack n' Jill 15 € 

Strictly 30 €

Winter Coast Swing  147.jpg

Welcome to join us to Winter Coast Swing

​In order to make sure the event is as fun as possible for everyone, we balance the ratio of leaders and followers joining. It means that couples will get straight in, whereas single registrations are directed to a waiting list. 

Early Winter Pass is available until 31.10.2023. Be fast to guarantee a discounted pass for yourself! 

There are three options for registering:

  1. Single: Choose this option if you are registering without a partner. 

  2. Couple separate: Choose this option, if your partner registers by him/herself.

  3. Couple bounded: Choose this option if you and your partner live together and you want do registration and payments through one single account.

Rememer to fill in the country and WSDC status info to get the discount passes! If you are doing Winter Valentine tour, choose that option and make the registration to Valentine Swing on the same day.

After registering, please give us couple of days to process your application. We will either send you a confirmation that you’ve been accepted to the event or put to a waiting list. Please note that filling in the registration form doesn’t automatically guarantee a spot at the event.

We offer bank transfers and PayPal as payment options. An additional 5% service fee will be charged if you choose to use PayPal.

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